Dutch agency N=5 celebrates the freedom of public transport with progressive ad for the Dutch Railways

The spot is part of a larger brand campaign for the Dutch Railways, and is aimed to champion the freedom of public transport.

The Dutch railways are the most heavily used railway network in Europe and part of an extremely efficient, fast and comfortable network of public transport that includes buses, trams, rental bikes and a wide range of other modes of transportation. As traffic around major cities continued to congest over the last decades, the Dutch invested heavily in connecting different modes of public transport. And with great success; public transport in the Netherlands offers a hassle-free alternative for people to go anywhere they want.

With a new brand campaign, the Dutch Railways aims to champion this freedom of mobility. Created by N=5, the campaign means to inspire travellers and prove that public transport can take you anywhere you want. In the campaign’s main TV spot, we follow two girls’ separate journey. As one girl’s plans change, we see them constantly bumping into each other, only to eventually meet each other in a romantic twist of events. The spot is musically supported by Aretha Franklin’s A Natural Woman.

As part of the new campaign, the Dutch Railways will also introduce a special public transport subscription (NS Flex) that offers a variety of options and which can be changed on the go, further supporting it’s promise of giving more freedom to travellers.

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